The Beatles early years in Liverpool has got to be one of the greatest times of all. With everything there is to do in Liverpool alone, the first thing at the top of anyone-s list should be to take the Magical Mystery Tour. Learn all you can or broaden your knowledge of the Beatles on this tour by discovering how the fab four got started. And when you are done on this tour you will be delighted to end it all at The Cavern Club where the Beatles played about 300 times. Taking Liverpool by storm in the 1960-s this quartet became icons of the cultural and social revolution with their music as well as their views on issues about religion, drugs, and the Vietnam War. Selling out millions of records was just the beginning of their career. 1963 they captured their first number one with Please, Please Me and the world watched as Beatlemania began.

The international popularity of the band grew when they touched down in America in 1964. America fell in love with the fab four. Screaming girls, moms, everybody wanted to see these guys perform. 1966 brought much controversy when John Lennon was quoted saying, they were more popular than Jesus. Fans were so upset they started burning records and radio stations would not play there songs.

The Beatles split in the late 60-s when the band experienced a great deal of bickering after the death of their manager Brian Epstein. It is also said that John-s second wife, Yoko Ono contributed to a lot of the hostility between the band. John Lennon was shot to death by David Chapman on December 8, 1980. Paul went on to record solo. And the Beatles were no more. Love and peace was stripped away and hate took over.

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