The place was Jacksonville, Florida. It was February 6, 2005 – a Sunday. The time: Half-Time. Any card carrying super fans who spend every waking moment watching Direct TV Sunday Ticket know that date. It was the day when a Beatle stole the Super Bowl.

Selected after the infamous half-time show featuring Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, Paul was believed by many NFL officials to be a “safer” choice. Truth be told, McCartney didn’t have to do much when he took the stage – his presence alone was enough. However, he belted out a set of Beatles songs including “Drive My Car,” “Get Back,” and “Hey Jude” as well as performing “Live and Let Die” from his time with the Wings.

The crowd was absolutely enthralled with the show and even a few former Presidents (George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton) were amongst those cheering. Unfortunately, when the set was done and the curtains lowered, people were left with a strange mix of feelings.

They had come for the Super Bowl, but there was no argument in anyone’s mind that Paul’s performance had quite literally stolen the show. The game continued nonetheless and the Patriots came out on top, but Paul was the real winner that day.

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