Opened in January of 1957, the Cavern Club was a fledgling jazz club in Liverpool. Its owner, Alan Synter, wanted to bring a little culture to the working class city. Within a few months of opening, Synter gave way to pressure a let skiffle bands play in the club. Skiffle was a hybrid form of music that was popular with many teens at the time. One of the bands to play at the club was the Quarrymen in January of 1958. This band would help place the city of Liverpool and the Cavern Club on the world map forever.

The Quarrymen, of course, were led by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Over time the band would add George Harrison and Ringo Starr and shoot to stardom. However, they could never truly escape playing at the Cavern Club. When packed the club would become a stinky, loud environment in which the walls actually began to collect moisture. The crowds were boisterous and always willing to encourage the band to play more and more of the American blues and rockabilly songs that they had begun to perfect. In later years, Paul tried to recapture some of these concert feels with his shows.

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