If it were not for Brian Epstein, many people may have never know the wonderful music of The Beatles. It was due to Epstein’s enthusiasm, guidance and persistence that led the musical group to their success. The relationship Epstein and the band started after Epstein caught a lunch concert of the band’s. He was quite impressed with the music and most importantly, the charisma that emanated from each member.

Once Epstein gained managing rights of The Beatles, he spent much time flying back and forth to London to try to secure a recording deal for the group. Many record companies didn’t understand Epstein’s enthusiasm for the group and refused to sign any sort of deal. After being almost rejected by every British record company, the group was finally signed to EMI. The main reason for the signing and deal was due to Epstein’s conviction and belief in the group. The Beatles didn’t even have to play for the company to be signed. Once the group was signed, Epstein made sure to clean up their live performance, eliminating smoking, drinking and swearing from the stage. He synchronized and coordinated the outfits of the members to have a cohesion.

The Beatles we have come to know and love would not have existed without the management of Epstein. Dubbed the “fifth member of the group,” Epstein’s journey with the band ended abruptly at the young age of 32. His death was due to an accidental drug overdose in his home in 1967.

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